helps you create and grow in the world's most fertile soil

Improve your garden soil with biochar

Gently feed your plants

with slower release of nutrients and water, when your plants need them

Help the climate

Help lock up carbon from the atmosphere. The carbon in 1kg of your biochar locks away 2.5kg of CO2

Less maintenance

less nutrient applications and watering required 

Permanent improvement

Improves soil structure, permanently.

Growing in sand or clay is all work and no play

Poor soil means sad plants and owners. 

First it's too dry.

Then it's too wet.

Then it floods, and flushes your nutrients and soil down the hill.

Then you top up the soil, but all you get is weeds and sad plants. 

It all starts to feel a bit... average.

Life is too short to settle for poor soil under your plants.

We'd love to help you to improve your soil for good

We can help

Trying to grow in poor soil sucks. Literally.

So we're here to help.

Following on from the family business growing and landscaping with plants, a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and years of working to grow biochar in New Zealand, our business owner Warrick knows a thing or two about growing, soil and biochar.

We can help you take your garden to the next level.


"Fantastic product and excellent quality service with a home delivery. I very much look forward to seeing it in action soon." - Lisa, Ellerslie

"So much more than high quality biochar" - Jay, North Shore

"Excellent product highly recommended to all" - Dan, Waitakere

3 Steps to Enjoying the Fruits of Your Garden

Stop paying twice for plants and nutrients. Make gardening fun with biochar

With the price of nutrients going up and water less available, people's plants are struggling and need to be replaced. With your biochar improved soil you can enjoy your garden for many seasons with less fuss.

Not sure where to start?

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