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Help reverse climate change by donating


Help us accelerate our impact

We are on a mission to help people regenerate our ecosystems and
reverse climate change, leaving a beautiful planet for our
grandchildren's grandchildren.

Help us make a bigger impact faster by donating!

A Climate Positive Legacy
We value the beautiful planet that supports our lives. We believe
that our legacy of being good ancestors involves leaving thriving,
healthy ecosystems to support our grandchildren's grandchildren's lives

Help us leave that legacy.

We believe that:

- the best way to do this is to contribute to regenerative
initiatives - ones that go beyond neutral and help to restore climate
and ecosystems.

- carbon trading markets are currently leaky because they do not cover all greenhouse gas emissions by humans, both past and present

- offsetting a company's emissions for one year does not address its
legacy of climate debt, or the emissions by the upstream and downstream
supply chain. It's like only paying part of the interest on the climate
debt and never repaying the principle, leading to greater and greater

Why $272?

- the current prices of carbon offsets are high enough to incentivise land use change, but not high enough to incentivise a rapid shift to climate positive lifestyles and economies. A study commissioned by the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment and
carried out by the NZ Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) states that the average price per tonne of CO2 emissions had to be at least $272 between 2020 and 2050 to incentivise a carbon neutral. At the time of writing this (August), the price per tonne of CO2 offsets in NZ is less
than a fifth of that price.

- to be 'carbon neutral' means that we are maintaining current
trajectory towards a warmer climate. Only long lived sequestration of
carbon effectively reverses climate change

- selling carbon offsets on a carbon market at very low prices
undervalues our future, and the future of our grandchildren's
grandchildren, and helps give social license to organisations and
individuals to keep doing climate negative things, without meaningfully
addressing their climate legacy

Committed to climate positive outcomes

Although we could, Char Bro Limited will never sell carbon offsets,
because we are committed to reversing climate change.

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