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biochar garden bed pack 90L



5x 18L buckets of biochar for adding to garden beds.

Covers at least 18 square metres of garden (when mixed in at 10% into the top 10cm of the soil). We are happy to also give advice on ways to make it go even further  

For best results:

Handy "for best results" guide included with your bucket


This can come with sturdy, 18 litre upcycled returnable buckets with lids. Bring back your returnable bucket for a discount off your next bucket of biochar. It's our way of saying "thank you" for
supporting us to enable a zero-waste, circular economy. 

Made with love

This biochar was made in West Auckland with love by my inspiring 94 year old friend who is passionate about people, growing beautiful plants for people to enjoy and reversing climate change, and the processed and packaged by us :)

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