Pre order for February 2022 - charged / inoculated biochar, 18L


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Order ahead to secure your supply!
Order now to reserve biochar for yourself and your gardening friends for our December supply runs.

What you get
Ordering here will secure 18 litre bucket(s) of pre charged and inoculated biochar for you. Your biochar will be available for dispatch or pickup between the 1st and 14th of February, 2021. Ready, set, grow!

Pre charged with nutrients and activated by beneficial microorganisms from vermicast (compost worms), this biochar is ready to go straight onto your soil around your plants and help promote growth. This comes with a handy "for best results" guide


Note that the pickup location for the inoculated biochar is in St Johns where our team member brews up the good bugs fresh for you!


This can come with a sturdy, 18 litre upcycled returnable bucket with lid. Bring back your returnable bucket for a discount off your next bucket of biochar. It's our way of saying "thank you" for
supporting us to enable a zero-waste, circular economy. 

Made with love

This biochar was made in West Auckland with love by with the help of my inspiring 94 year old friend who is passionate about people, growing beautiful plants for people to enjoy and reversing climate change, and the processed and packaged by us :)

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