Make your own biochar: 150L kiln - 1 week's hire


Biochar Maker

This is a starter biochar kiln for making batches of biochar. A 'kiln' is a fancy word for something that you use to convert something to something else using heat - like turning biomass into biochar. 

This is a very simple, lightweight, open top biochar kiln to get you started.

You will get:

  • a 150 litre biochar kiln, which you can use to make approximately 150 litres / 30 dry kg of biochar per batch
  • user guide to get you started

Although this is 'lightweight' as far kilns go, it still weighs about 22kg

What you can do in a week

If you did 7 burns in a week, you could make approx 1000L of biochar.


You will need to arrange pick up with your own trailer. I know a local who can help

This is for hire of the kiln only. You will need to arrange fire permits, tools and protective equipment to make biochar efficiently and safely.

How to get a biochar kiln

  1. Purchase this product and fill out your details to let us know you are interested.
  2. Get in touch to arrange guide you through the rest of the process

Also known as biochar reactor, pyrolyser, kiln, kon tiki, flame cap or flame curtain technology

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