Biochar by Char Bro

helps you create and grow in the world's most fertile soil... for good

Used well, biochar is a planting aid which is made to hold your precious water and nutrients right where they need to be; next to the roots of your plants.

Biochar is the coral reef of the soil, providing an open structure to allow the life in the soil to breathe, drink and thrive. Char Bro's biochar mixes help to lift soil fertility.

Our biochar is made in Auckland, NZ from plants. Much of the carbon from the plants are tightly held in biochar's special structure, so most of the biochar will last for generations, instead of turning into CO2. Biochar helps to maintain a stable climate by helping keep greenhouse gases in the soil to feed your plants, instead of heating the atmosphere.

With our biochar, you could almost say your effect on the living soil is permanent.

At Char Bro, we say it's there for good

Biochar for sale


We care deeply about our climate, our planet and everything that lives on it. We are on a mission to help people regenerate our ecosystems and reverse climate change, leaving a beautiful planet for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

Char Bro has biochar for sale in Auckland. Biochar in compost or garden soil from biochar as a growing media helps to add soil for garden beds and grow seeds and plants Auckland, NZ and reverse climate change. Biochar NZ helps with transplanting plants and mix in with sustainable seed raising mix Auckland, New Zealand for extended growing seasons. 

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