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The Benefits of Biochar for my Garden

bonsai tree growing with biochar on a rock in a lake

Find the best ways to use biochar in your garden

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Get biochar for a happier garden

Biochar helps your plants take root, grow and thrive. Biochar:

  1. Increases transplant survival and strike rate 
  2. Holds onto moisture for reduced water requirements
  3. Better microclimate for growing plants
  4. Sponge structure holds onto nutrients, reducing your fertiliser bill and increasing nutrient cycling
  5. Once you've reached the desired ratio of biochar in the soil, you're done. No reapplication required - your back will love you for it.
  6. Hand made with love in West Auckland from all natural materials, for you and your whanau <3

"Fantastic product and excellent quality service with a home delivery. I very much look forward to seeing it in action soon." - Lisa, Ellerslie

"Excellent product highly recommended to all"  - Dan, Waitakere

"Amazing trade. So much more than high quality Biochar - active and deeply intelligent conversations and actions towards fixing climate change. I didn't understand what "biochar, made with love" meant, but really into making the very best biochar." - Jay, North Shore

How biochar helps grow lush gardens

Biochar for your garden-size

Make a positive impact with Char Bro - There For Good


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